Why we are here?

WatchnBag.com (fully owned by MCP Workshop) is an online, modern solution for buying and selling watches and bags. We know this is a big purchase and we don’t think it should be overwhelming or risky. We’ll help you find something fit for you or something can make you feel happy. Whichever solution you need, we strive to make sure that you leave feeling confident you made the right choice.

What can we do for you ?

Every watch that comes through our doors is authenticated and performance-tested, ensuring that it’s running the way it was intended.

Although we are not working at 7×24, our professional team would still happy to assist our valuable customers in non-office hours.

With our pre-owned collection, not only can you spend less, you can reap from your investments, too. A pre-owned watch/bag doesn’t have the sting of showroom depreciation, and can even increase in value over the years. This is what we’re doing.

Hour Of Operation
Monday: 9-6PM
Tuesday: 9-6PM
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Friday: 9-6PM
Saturday: 9-6PM
Sunday and Public holidays: Closed
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